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"Enjoy nature with the commodities of a house"
Come stay at our mobile home. We will place your pampering caravan in one of the places you choose so you can enjoy home conditions in the heart of nature.
We also offer special tours with themes like springs, biblical tours, adventure, cycling, local plants or you can just hang out enjoying the surroundings and the landscape.
Bang fire, Bedouin evening, star observation with telescope...
All this alongside a tidy kitchen, toilet and shower, TV, 6 beds, a shaded seating area and air conditioning.
All you have to do is reserve a place and the caravan will be waiting for you in the field.

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Choose a place:

1. Horbat Hanot area. Close to Highway 375 and yet quite secluded. Two options for placing the caravan - a shady location or a location at the end of the ridge - in front of the view. Close walking / cycling routes - Nahal Hansen, Ein Mata and Horbat Hanut. Farther riding route - Ein Kobi, Ein Masela, Ein Yoel.

2. KKL-JNF parking lot. Close to road 386. Convenient location for car exits. A popular grove, so not so isolated. Close by walking / cycling routes: - Ein Kobi, Ein Masela, Ein Yoel and a little further - Ein Mata.

3. "Aderet grove" not far from Moshav Aderet - a tall pine forest reminiscent of Europe. Location far from the road, full shade. Low chance for more visitors in the area. Close hiking / biking trails - hikes in the forest / hills.

4. The animal farm. Entrance through Adulam Park (Route 38) near Givat Yeshayahu. Location near an active animal farm. Full shade under a wide tree branches with a convenient place for placing hammocks. Close by walking / cycling routes - Adulam Park.

5. The lone tree. A secluded place with a slightly more complicated approach. Opposite an original view of the outskirts of Gush Etzion. Convenient location for loners, less for hiking activities, etc.

Price list:

One night 1300 NIS. 2 nights 1900 NIS. Mid-week - 10% discount.

Extras: Wooden surface for the fire - 60 NIS.

Poikeh rental - 50 NIS.

Guarantee for a seating area - 200 NIS.

Guarantee for Gazibo - 500 NIS.

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